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Society6 Shop Launch

Brand new shop opening online!

Well after years of thinking about it I finally did it! I started an online shop with my art. There are 9 different art pieces uploaded on the site. 8 to represent the different weapon disciplines of the Society of American Fight Directors and one that combines them all. They are done in a modern traditional tattoo style with banners and flowers surrounding the weapons. I am so excited to bring these pieces to life!

I decided to do a print to ship store for a couple of reasons; mainly convenience and I'm currently afraid of going out during the pandemic.

What are the pros and cons of starting a print to ship store?

The con is you only make about 20% of the proceeds. The pro is that you are also only doing about 20% of the work. You are not acquiring the materials, printing, or shipping. You aren't even keeping track of the orders. It's minimal effort for minimal pay essentially. It allows you to offer a broad range of products without the overhead costs of acquiring the products and learning how to print on them.

In the future, I will probably try to print more of my own material, but for now Society6 is a great option.

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