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Answers to some frequently asked questions!
White Noise


Do you take commissions?

I do! I use a variety of mediums including Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Digital, Watercolor, and Mixed Media. I do portraits, logo design, landscapes, etc. If you're not sure about a project, just ask!

How do I request a commission?

Use the CONTACT FORM with a description of the project (photos are helpful! Please note I do not work from video), the size you are interested in, and if you have a timeline necessary.


What is pricing like for commissions? 

I price out all projects individually. Because every project is so different, I cannot provide a simple spreadsheet for pricing. If you would like a price quote on a particular project, please feel free to contact me!​

What is the timeline for commissions?

I have a two month turn around time.

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Orders from this

I package and ship all items myself that are from this page by myself, so please have patience. I try to get all orders out in a timely manner.

Eco-friendly Reuse

In efforts to be more eco-friendly, I often reuse mailers and boxes. Don't be surprised if your order comes in a pre-used mailer! I'm working hard to try to make my shop (and my life) more eco-friendly. If you have any helpful suggestions let me know!

Society6 Shop Orders

If you are ordering from my Society6 Shop, they take care of all of those items. Unfortunately, I have no information about the shipping for those. I have had customers that receive a print with a broken frame or the stickers were printed improperly. If this happens, please contact Society6! They have been great about responsing rapidly and getting a quick replacement.

White Noise


Can I get a tattoo of your art?

Yes!  My only request is that you get a good artist who will trace my work and not change anything... and that you share a picture with me afterwards! That is awesome that you want to get my work tattooed on you forever! 

If you feel so inclined, there is a donation button at the top of the page. 

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